Pratigya Foundation

Terms & Conditions

  • The scholarship shall be granted to a total of 120 selected students among which 10 students will be selected from each class.
  • The applicants will have to appear in a test organized by the Pratigya Foundation as per the schedule. After the successful completion of this test, a merit list will be released, shortlisting 600 students for the next round.
  • The next round after the test will be the interview round from where 120 candidates shall be shortlisted for the final assessment.
  • Benefits of Clause I shall be provided to only those candidates who have been declared as ‘qualified’ after the interview round.
  • All other benefits of Clause I(points 2,3,4, 5, and 6) will be made available for everyone.
  • The decision of the management of Pratigya Foundation in the matter of selection of candidates for the grant of scholarship or any other body constituted by it shall be fixed and not be subjected to any challenge before any court of law.
  • The payment of the scholarship shall be made directly to the school where the candidate is pursuing his/her studies.
  • The application for the scholarship shall be submitted either through schools or directly by online submission from the portal of the Pratigya Foundation.
  • This program has been launched for the benefit of meritorious students of the country and is being conducted by the Pratigya Foundation as a charitable activity and not for any commercial purpose.